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Welcome To Kimzcation's Blog!

After many months of putting this on hold, I've finally decided to start my official travel blog. I'm eager to share with you a glimpse of my travel life, in the hope I can inspire you to take more Zcation.

Picture taken on April 2018 In Arizona, during my trip to visit the Grand Canyon

Traveling Should be part of life - Your life!

This blog was not created to advise you on quitting your job and travel. I am an SEM specialist, I work a 9-5, and I intend to continue. Really, this is just a way to catalog all my travel experiences, thoughts, mistakes, stories, and lessons.

Why A Travel Blog?

Everyone that I've met has wanted to visit/go somewhere. However, many never seem to take the initial step or aren't quite sure how to start. Sometimes, we are so busy working that we forget to live and most importantly travel to see our beautiful world.

The Kimzcation blog builds on my experiences with taking more than one vacations a year, my finance background, and my will to motivate others.


What I will publish in these blog posts represents my uncensored initial thoughts, views, and emotions. I encourage you to respond, add comments, give feedback and support.

Also feel free to contact me directly regarding any specific content for more information.

Thank you for reading, visiting and being part of this Zcation movement.


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