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Cherry Blossoms of Ambition: A Journey of Dreams and Renewal

Picture of my favorite cherry blossom tree - By Emely

A new Beginning and a new life, I wish I could experience it in first flight ✈️, with a scent so sweet and with air so crisped, I could not wish for more.

With new things comes new beginnings, but my heart is beating like a drum for these new winnings. I'm afraid of who I will disappoint but at least I have these beautiful pink drops to keep me company in this new spring living.

What will everyone think I say, but at first I didn't care I hoped I moved on from these daydreams of studying in a new land somewhere. Some people said "no, you can't do it", at first I would say "you're right" but then it would hurt all of my might.

The thought of giving up was a sense of relief but then the pain of giving up on my dream was the only thing that made all the feelings less receiving. I would sit near a tree while it would bloom and as these pink leaves fell the thought of my dreams came true, as my dream came true in that thought so bright the pain faded and all of my dreams started to re-ignite. The thought stuck to me like glue and it made me feel almost brand new, a fresh new start in land that was filled with the scents of you.

Every spring I look up to see you and I enjoy the times you were there for me. You stayed with me even when others thought I was wrong and for you I wrote this poem about my favorite cherry blossom trees.

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