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Worst AirBnB Experience in Honolulu, Hawaii

Imagine searching for the perfect Airbnb with a view for your first time vacationing in Hawaii and came across this listing ... would you have booked?

Why an Airbnb and not a hotel? I’m one of the biggest advocates for Airbnb. 98% of the time, you will find me staying at an Airbnb while traveling. Initial interaction with host Red Flag 1

The host response was generic and asked to touch base closer to the arrival date. How close to the arrival date did I need to be? Two days prior to check-in date, 11/30/19

The host finally reached back out two days before the check-in date. Since our flight was arriving in Honolulu before the 3:00 pm check-in time, I sent a message to request for a possible early check-in.

Check-in date, 12/2/19 With no response to the first message, I sent a follow up message the day after. The follow up message was sent at 2:00 pm on the check-in date.

Able to check-in 20 minutes prior to check-in time

He responded at 2:05 pm. At this point we were only 1 hour away from the 3:00 pm check in time. At 2:42 pm, we received the message that the room was ready for check-in.

From my experiences, host tend to be very honest and let you know if an early check-in is available or not. They also usually, give you an estimate on when the apartment would be available. Especially if you are a tourist.

Inside of the suite We were happy to be able to see the ocean from the suite. Decided to lay down in the bed and...

The Blanket

The blanket had a funky smell with a stain.

The sheets

The Fridge

The Shower Head And the worst of the worst of the worst was the shower head

Shower doors

Interaction with host after checking-In I contacted the host right after seeing the shower head..

The host completely ignored the pictures of the shower head that was shared with him and offered a $10 credit for the inconvenience which for me was an insult.

I rented this suite for $870. There are many different ways in which the host could have rectify the situation. He could have simply offered to change the shower head, the next day. Would you have accepted to take a shower with the shower head for 5 days due to receiving a $10 refund?

Host cancelled reservation at 10:30 pm

This conversation happened at 10:30 pm on December 2, 2019. The host cancelled the reservation that night and we had to leave the Airbnb at 11:00 pm.

Imagine having to leave the one place that you’ve booked to start your vacation on the first day at night with your luggage and all of the groceries.

This was honestly the worst Airbnb experience of my life. Learn from my mistake.. always, always, over communicate with your Airbnb host to feel their vibe before hitting that booking button.

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