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How it all started? Black, Female, Kidnapping Friendly Solo Traveler

I've always dream of going to Europe.

Barcelona, Spain

In 2017, I finally realized, the only one stopping me from turning my dream into reality was Kim. To free myself, I booked a nonrefundable solo round trip to London as a self-discovering trip. I couldn’t think of any better way of learning about myself than being completely alone with myself. The plan was to visit the rest of Europe from London for 15 days. I used to think the hardest part about a big solo trip was booking the flight ticket. I was wrong ..

Questioning My Decision / Regret

Is it too late to force my friends to join me? Should I have booked the flight for a different destination? Since this was a self-discovering trip, shouldn’t I be going to Africa?

After all, Africa is my ancestral homeland. My soul resonates more with the thought of being in Africa.

Fear of the unknown

The way I would be treated abroad was a complete mystery. As a black kidnapping friendly female traveler, I knew I could encounter more than just harassment and physical danger. I may encounter racism and the fear of facing it consumed me.

I spent weeks fighting with my thoughts. Why am I experiencing this feeling of paranoia? Is it possible that it was always there? Now that I am leaving my safe zone, my home, my inner fears are surfacing? I instantly started wishing there was an updated version of “The Negro Motorist Green Book” for travelers planning a solo trip to Europe.

Support system

“I admire your decision, Kim. I, personally, don’t think I could do it”. My friends were so proud of my decision to take a solo trip. I felt reassured and blessed to have such an amazing support system, but I was still scared.


Will Smith incredible phrase, “Bliss is on the other side of fear.” touched my soul.

I’ve watched this interview so many times and I felt each words deeply. Why am I letting fear consume me? I was only a couple months away from turning my dreams into reality. I should be excited.

Directing Fear

Instead of holding on to my fear, I directed my attention to planning my big trip. I decided to visit London, Venice, Barcelona, and Paris.

After planning, to my surprise, I noted that in total I had only spent $730 (including flights, accommodation, and activities) for 15 days. Not bad, right?

That was a sign that I was meant to continue with this adventure. To think fear almost got the best of me and stopped me from creating unforgettable memories.


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