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Group Trips; The good and the bad

Taking a trip with one other person has always sounded more enticing than taking a trip with 10 other people. Wouldn’t you agree?

The issue with group trips is all the things that can go wrong such as:

• Fights / arguments / misunderstanding • Unnecessary expenses • Doing what the majority wants to do

However, there are also many benefits of taking a group trip such as:

• Affordable / sharing the cost • It’s always a party • Bonding time

What makes a great group trip?

Girls zcation group picture taken in Barbados before sailing to go snorkeling.

1. People who genuinely want to go on the trip

I believe in traveling with people who honestly want to travel. People who share similar expectation and understand the purpose of the trip. You can’t have a group trip with one person expecting to relax throughout the whole trip while the rest of the group expect to party. Imagine someone trying to sleep during the trip, while the rest of the group are turning the house upside down with noises. Things can quickly escalate.

How does a group trip usually begin?

A group trip often happens because one person initially wants to go somewhere. Many time, that individual is unaware of others factors affecting the potential attendees.


It’s written somewhere in the Bible or the book of friendship, "Thou shall not miss your best friend birthday without adequate reasoning", which leave us feeling obligated on going to a birthday group trip.

Dealing with financial issues

You might be dealing with financial issues, but you still want to be able to live and have fun. Spending money during the trip may end up being a big issue.

Dealing with personal or emotional issues

While going away can be a temporary escape plan, our feelings have a way of creeping up on us when it is least expected.

Personal issues with someone in the group

The belief that we can control any situation that arise. Imagine adding a little bit of liquor, hormones, and a brand-new environment, you’ll be surprised by how different you may behave on a trip.

2. A leader

Every group trip needs a leader. A group trip leader is not someone who tries to control your every move. A group trip leader is the direct point of contact for any concerns or questions. They usually are the one who:

• Planned or booked flights and activities • In charge of collecting all money • Allows everyone to voice their opinion • Trustworthy

What stopping you from taking a group trip?

Gut feeling

I'm a strong believer in following your gut feeling. If you feel a certain way about a trip, there is an 80% chance that you will bring that aura with you.

Afraid of disappointment or rejection

I used to hate asking people to go on trips with me. This was the main reason why I created my Facebook group, Zcation. A place where I, or anyone from the group, simply announce where they would like to go and see who would like to join them. The purpose was to take out the fear of making people feel obligated in saying “yes” when they are not ready.

What stopped you from taking a group trip?

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