The Key To Traveling More; Kimzcation Sauce

How am I able to take one vacation each month?

Leaving footprints on the sand while walking on the beach in Cancun, Mexico.

Simple, I plan it.


Planning is the key to taking more than one vacation a year while working full-time, 9-5. I've been asked many questions about my monthly shenanigans and I hope this blog covers some of my secret sauce.

Do I have unlimited vacation days?

I do not have unlimited PTO. The secret is I plan my zcations around the holidays, weekends, and summer. For example, if you get 10-20 days off from work, plus all the holidays, and extras like summer Fridays, there is enough time to take a vacation each month. Don’t go broke trying to take a lot of vacations. A real vacation is being away from work, enjoying yourself, and not worrying about money issues.

Step 1. Flight Tickets

US Passport, Flight Ticket, And Visa To Visit Cuba

90% of the time, ticket prices determine if I will go somewhere or not. I always purchase my flight tickets before anything else. Booking your accommodation first is not a great idea. There are a few exceptions. However, if your days are flexible, the flight should always be first. The trick is to book flights that are cheaper to be able to afford more vacations.